Story of Pashmina

Pashmina is considered to be the softest, highly delicate and fluffy fibre. Being the most finest natural insulating fibre it is also recognized as the Diamond fibre. Pashmina is the fibre made up with the extract from the Himalayan goat also recognize as Chyangra which live in the Himalayan belt at the altitude above 14,000 feet above sea level. This unique coat of hair is about 1/6 th of the diameter of any other types of hair.

Pashmina is also known as Cashmere but is found to be thicker in diameter and less fine as compared to Pashmina.
Since thousands of years Cashmere and Pashmina shawls have been manufactured in Nepal as well as in Kashmir. The pashmina’s history was allied with ancient civilization. During those days it was considered as the Fibre for Royals & Emperors only. People living in the high Himalayas discovered the essence and wonder of Pashmina.

This exquisite “Pashmina” has been supplied by dexterity of Nepalese. In ancient times “Pashmina” was found in unblended form but it was advent with the combination of silk, cotton etc. In the long run with the varied experience and Pashmina yarn and silk yarn were combined. This result to produce better fibre-strength, durability, colour-pleasantness and well finishing touch which become most prevalent all over world and recognized as “Nepalese Pashmina”.

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