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Best way to Wash Cashmere

Cashmere is precious silk ,shiny and comfortable fibre. It is one good thing that one can have in possession. However, as beautiful as its sounds it is equally fragile. So you need to certain things in mind before washing these things. Followings are the some tips that is helpful for washing the Cashmere. Always wash…

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Process of Pashmina Making

With proper care, Pashminas can be used life long and we have encountered that this unique piece of fibre has been hand overed from generation to generation even in Royal and wealthy families. It is found to be most durable and cozy fibre suitable for human skin providing warmth and comfort.

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Story of Pashmina

Pashmina is considered to be the softest, highly delicate and fluffy fibre. Being the most finest natural insulating fibre it is also recognized as the Diamond fibre. Pashmina is the fibre made up with the extract from the Himalayan goat also recognize as Chyangra which live in the Himalayan belt at the altitude above 14,000…

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Japan Trade Fair

We participated in alongside many exporters of cashmere, wool and yak hair products from all over the world in recent Japan International Trade Fair. After showcasing and exploring at the fair, the we decided to try blending Nepalese cashmere & fabrics with the aim of developing a new product tailored to the global market.

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